I'm a junior Full-Stack developer who's always experimenting and trying new stuff.

I'm currently working on building free, open source and inclusive online platforms for managing anything from a blog to a school.

Here are the languages, frameworks and/or libraries that I'm more comfortable in using:

  • 📒 JavaScript (+ TypeScript): Vue, Svelte, React, Next, Nuxt
  • 🐘 PHP: Laravel, YesItIs
  • 💎 Ruby: Ruby On Rails
  • 🧰 C#: ASP.NET, Mono
  • 🐹 Go: Vanilla Go is just fine for me, thanks

By the way, I basically start every project by configuring a Docker 🐋 environment, it's just too quick.

I wouldn't consider myself as a Linux 🐧 fanboy but I do love it quite a lot.

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A personal blog where I write about my experience as a newcomer in the open source development world.

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While I'm not currently looking for job offers at the moment I'm always interested in hearing your stories as developers.


I love to code for fun, alone and/or with friends. Here are the ones I have on my GitHub.